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Do's & Dont's Pregancy

Do what keeps you and your baby happy and healthy throughout the pregnancy. Get occupied with your daily activities with care and concern for your baby’s growth as well.

Indulge with your daily activities, which makes you happy, to pass over double the happiness of yours to the baby in the womb. Do anything that keeps you relax and your baby more healthy. Doing anything contrary to a natural lifestyle reflects the health condition of the baby.

Kick & Contraction

Record every time your baby kicks you to make it more memorable. Pregnancyfy enable you to monitor your contractions and stay alert with a hospital bag. Your Baby’s movement becomes a moment to remind you of the purpose of life.

Experiencing your baby’s moves is the real pregnancy bliss. Enjoy your Baby’s kick and Have an eye on the contraction to keep your hospital baggage in check and get ready for your labor.



Read good, feel good, feed good. Enjoy reading pregnancy quotes and keep yourself motivated throughout the pregnancy along with your baby.

Keep your thoughts actively positive. Experience the reading of feel-good pregnancy quotes in the Pregnancyfy app. Read it aloud let your baby in the womb hear it from you how beautiful the world is.


Your anticipation becomes stronger as your pregnancy week progresses towards the beautiful destination.


Baby Names

Choose a unique and powerful boy/girl name for the little human growing in you.

Your baby is deserved to be called aloud with love and energy. Select the powerful name for the bright future of his/her from the baby names in pregnancyfy application.


Keep your hospital/diaper bag on the check, before the neck of the moment with the assistance of a pregnancy reminder.

Get Ready! Don’t Wait. It's time to pack the hospital bag. Avoid the last-minute hurry. Making yourself comfortable is the first and foremost thing to do before packing your hospital bag. Pregnancy reminder helps you with that and alert you.





Razz Verma

This app blows away all the other pregnancy apps I tried. It's set up clean and simple, easy to use, and the ads aren't even annoying..... 🤡😎🤘

Pirih Ali

Pregnancy tracker is a very good app and very easy to useful application are really amazing application and for the best app..I recommended this best app..

Mausum Gogoi

This very powerful application application is more beneficial for our women and helps them a lot. Love too much ...

Marielia Thomas

Pregnancy tracker 2eek by week is a nice and very useful application.they are nice and amazing feature in this application. Use this app to easily track pregnancy every time. This use is very easy. I like this application...

Bilal Bukhari

Pregnancy tracker week by week is the best app for pregnant ladies. It works so well and it is very easy to use. It has amazing features. I like this are very much.

Shane Warne Aus

This app is really helpful. Now you can follow your pregnancy week by week. It also tells you about your due date and child growth week by week. It is easy to use...

Preet Bf

Best application... Personalized pregnancy tracker shows your baby's daily development and helps you understand your Changing body.... I highly recommended to all...

Md. Zakir Hossain

It is one of the most useful app. Now you can track your pregnancy week by week. You also know about the growth of your baby week by week. I like this app...


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Pregnancy & Parenting platform trusted by 10 lakh moms+. Pregnancyfy is helping millennial moms raise happy & healthy families.


Pregnancyfy: Pregnancy & Baby Companion is the best Indian pregnancy and parenting app trusted by 10+ lakh moms. It is the #1 trusted guide & tracker for women who are expecting, trying to conceive or taking care of baby.

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