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Working Moms And Breastfeeding

Sep 29, 2022

Now, if you have decided to return to your work, you might have several questions about how you can balance breastfeeding and working. But experts say, with proper planning and support, you can do it successfully.

As a working mother, there are some advantages while there may be special caregivers for your newborn, breastfeeding is the only requirement you can provide for your baby and you can utilize the special time with your baby.

Working Mothers Continuing to breastfeed

Many new mothers are successfully involved in working and breastfeeding.

Exclusively breastfeeding for the first few months is the best way to maintain your milk supply. You can avoid feeding formula supplements unless it is medically necessary. After you start returning to work, it is recommended to develop a breastfeeding pattern that works well for you and your baby.

Breastmilk production depends on supply and demand. When your baby nurses more or you stimulate either manually or use the pumping method, your milk supply may be increased and more milk may be produced. There will be differences in every woman’s working time and breastfeeding pattern, hence it is good to consider your health and working conditions. 

Express and Store your Breastmilk

A lot of breast pumps are available including manual or electric pumps. You may discuss this with your doctor or a lactation consultant for better guidance. Whatever the method could be, working women are successfully utilizing their preferred method or combination of both. 

You can store your breastmilk either at room temperature for short-time use or in the refrigerator for a long time. Generally, glass bottles or storage bags are recommended over plastic bottles to prevent exposure to harmful chemicals. The stored breast milk may be warmed by placing the bottle in a glass of hot water till the milk gets warmed. You should not warm it in the microwave. Always sterilize the container in which you may store your breast milk and find a safe place to keep it. 

Experts say that when you want to express your breast milk, you should sit somewhere in a private and calm place. Many women may try some tips while expressing their breast milk like looking at a picture of their baby, smelling their baby’s clothing, or even listening to a record of their baby’s sounds. These activities may help to stimulate breast milk more. However, the amount of expressed milk may vary from woman to woman depending on the requirement of their baby. 

Generally, most infants between 1 to 6 months, may need only about 2-4 ounces at each feeding. But the demand may increase as their age grows up.

Maintain Milk Supply Level

You may follow specific guidelines to establish and maintain your breast milk supply. 

1. A frequent pattern of nursing or expressing milk, at least 8-10 times per day, especially if your baby is less than three months old. This helps to build and maintain a good milk supply.

2. Offering more time involves skin-to-skin touch with your baby. Cuddling emotion helps in your breast milk production and also in your baby’s development. 

3. In case, if you notice there is a decrease in your supply, you may try the power pumping technique which is very effective to increase your milk production.

4. Eat healthy foods and stay hydrated.

5. Put a schedule and follow a breastfeeding pattern to express or pump more often a day between feedings.


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