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Which Week is Best For Anomaly Scan in Pregnancy?

Sep 26, 2022


What is Anomaly Scan?

An anomaly scan is executed to check the development of your baby and organs of the body parts that can be carried out around 18 to 24 weeks of pregnancy. Hence it is usually called the Second Trimester or 20-Weeks Fetal Development Anomaly Scan or Anatomy Scan. This scan screens the baby's development and detects congenital disorders and other significant anatomical abnormalities. 

How is Anomaly Scan done?

Your doctor may use 2D or 3D techniques to capture the images of your unborn baby inside your uterus. The ultrasound pictures may be in black and white or color, depending on the hospital facilities. The sonographer may measure the fetal size and make sure your baby is growing perfectly to its age. While taking a scan, they apply a gel on your baby bump and use a transducer to obtain images of the baby. The anomaly scan time duration would usually be about half an hour. This 5th month's anomaly scan may find either boy or girl.

Aim of the Anomaly Scan

An anomaly scan inspects the anatomy of your baby and the study of the internal organs. 

Every woman expects a healthy pregnancy, and this scan may reassure her health and body condition. Unfortunately, if any variations in the development are detected, the doctor may take the necessary steps to alleviate such abnormalities.

As per your doctor's advice, you can go for the anomaly scan at the 20th week of your pregnancy which you may have calculated from the first day of your last menstruation period. The ultrasound scan taken at 20 weeks examines the functionality of your baby’s organs and the whole body part check-up to ensure your baby is developing normally. The scan also looks for any congenital disabilities found in your baby.

The study of these organs and parts of the baby are performed during the scan:

  • Heart: Proper functioning of valves and heart rate for normal rhythms
  • Brain: Brain structure formation
  • Neck and spine: Bone arrangements
  • Kidneys: Proper functioning of the urinary bladder
  • Arms, hands, fingers, legs, feet, and toes: Normal development of muscles
  • Face: Growth and check for cleft lip
  • Chest and lungs: Proper development and functioning
  • Umbilical Cord: Proper blood flow
  • Placenta position
  • Amount of Amniotic fluid

You may notice that the sonographer or technician draws lines on the screen as this line acts as a ruler to measure the size of the organs and every body part. They may check these measurements against the fetal growth charts to find the proper development and confirm everything is normal and perfect for your baby's correct growth week. Nextly, they may share the images and reports of the scan examination.

Are 20 weeks pregnant ultrasound dangerous?

No risks are identified to you and your baby when having an anomaly scan at week 20 of your pregnancy. Experts say that ultrasound is safe and it does not harm your baby.


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