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When will I Feel My Baby Move and Kick?

Sep 26, 2022

While you're pregnant, the symptoms and similarities vary from person to person. Even every baby is unique and grows in its pattern. When you start feeling the baby's regular movements, you may track a record of the count per day. In case you find any concern about your baby's movements, you should contact your doctor immediately without any further delay.

When Can I Feel My Baby Kick?

You can feel your baby's movements and kicks between weeks 16 and 24 of your pregnancy, from your 2nd trimester, even though the babies start their movements in 7-8 weeks. If you are in the second or sequential pregnancy, you might feel the fetal movements earlier than first-time moms.

Remember that every pregnancy is different, so you can start feeling the baby kick much earlier or later.

What Does Baby Movement Feel like?

The feel of your baby moving in the womb may depend on your baby's activities and their week for growth and development. Each baby is different, and so the activities also may vary with each other.

Initially, the early pregnancy sensations might be like butterflies fluttering in your tummy, rolling, sizzling, popping, or tumbling motions with tiny kicks. Such early movements are known as quickening. Since it is a little difficult to distinguish these gentle thuds or taps, you might think it happens due to some gas form in your belly. However, you can start feeling the baby's kicks once you start feeling them regularly.

The baby's movements become more distinct, unique, and easily detectable as your pregnancy progresses. In the third trimester, you may experience strong movements like baby kicking, elbowing, punching, and jabbing frequently. As your baby grows big, you may see an elbow or knee projecting out and moving across your belly.

How Often Can I Feel Baby Move?

At the beginning of your pregnancy, it is challenging to trace the fetus's movements as it could feel very softly and rarely, which means several moves one day but very few the other day. Even if your baby starts moving and kicking regularly, you may not feel as if they are not strong enough. However, you may feel the baby's movements more strongly often when you enter the second or third trimester. 

The frequency of movements may change at different trimesters of your pregnancy.

During the second trimester, the movements may be inconsistent. So if you did not find any movements during the day, it is normal and nothing to worry about. As your baby is still tiny, you should not expect it to happen every day and feel every flip and roll. 

Your baby develops bigger, and you may start feeling the baby move every day in regular patterns when you are in the third trimester. Your baby becomes more active in the mornings and calms later in the afternoons, or vice versa depending on their sleep cycle. You may feel more kicks when you are in a lying down position.

But there may be a change in the movement cycle slightly toward the end of your third trimester. The reason is your baby is well-developed by this stage, so it may run out of space to move. If you observe any lack of movement, it is not necessary for having a problem because it may be due to your baby’s long nap.

Should I Track My Baby’s Movement?

Counting on your baby’s kicks helps to track the patterns of movements. You can do this counting by finding your baby’s active time and being in a resting position either sitting or lying on your side. Because by following this, the blood circulation of your baby increases, and you may feel more movements continuously. Some babies have lesser than others naturally.

Your baby movements are the most energizing feeling during pregnancy, as it makes a deep mom-baby bond. Some babies may have more movements sooner than others, but it is normal and differs from baby to baby and even from pregnancy to pregnancy. In any case, if you find constant low movements for a certain time, you should consult your doctor immediately to ensure your baby is safe inside your womb.


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