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Vaginal Discharge in Pregnancy

Sep 26, 2022

Vaginal discharge during pregnancy

Mostly, pregnant women have more vaginal discharge. The reason is that the cervix and the vaginal wall get expanded and softer, so the flow of discharge increases to prevent vaginal tract infection during pregnancy. It may even be due to the rise in the hormone progesterone levels.

Vaginal discharge is normal in pregnancy, however, it is essential to notice if you have any change in it and consult your doctor if required.

Change in the vaginal discharge

The egg-white discharge points out during ovulation and may show that you are in a healthy fertility time. If sperm fuses with the egg at this span specifically, the chance of getting pregnant is high. You may find a thick, sticky, mucus-like white discharge during pregnancy. It helps to protect the vagina by keeping the cervix moist, plugged, and healthy. 

One of the signs of pregnancy is the increased level of vaginal discharge. It may vary from person to person. 

The first-trimester discharge helps remove bacteria and dead skin cells from the uterus. 

The second-trimester discharge may look like a thick discharge with a mild odor called Leucorrhoea. This white discharge is normal during pregnancy due to the secretion from the cervix and leaks through the vagina. Since the level of estrogen increases during pregnancy, it increases the blood flow to the vagina, thus causing the mucus with the white discharge that protects the baby inside the womb.

However, the 3rd-trimester discharge becomes thicker, and you may have some blood flow. It happens because of more mucus present in the cervix that comes out during pregnancy. It is the sign indicating that your body is preparing for birth, and you may undergo it often before getting into labor.

But in some cases, if you notice any weird change in the discharge with dark-colored, smell bad strongly, or feel irritation or itchiness, it might be a sign of any infection. Hence you should consult your doctor immediately for advice.


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