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Sleeping Positions While You are Pregnant

Sep 26, 2022

Read more to know what sleeping position is safe during pregnancy

Importance of Sleep During Pregnancy

Commonly, changes may happen in the life of a pregnant woman. In the 1st trimester, you may feel exhausted and drowsier due to the increased hormone level and the body changes happening inside you. You may find some relief in the 2nd trimester as the early pregnancy symptoms get reduced. But in the third trimester, sleeping becomes difficult with your growing bump and some difficulties like leg cramps, back pain, heartburn, and much more.

Having a good sleep during pregnancy is necessary because while sleeping, your body and mind gets relaxed and reset themselves. As your body requires more energy, blood circulation increases to support your baby's development which also helps to build the immune system. 

Experts recommend following more than 7 hours of sleep during the night. However, if you have trouble sleeping during the night, you may need to take excessive rest during day time. Proper timing of sleep plays a vital role in enabling a good sleep pattern. 

Best Sleeping Position when you’re Pregnant

Experts say when you are pregnant, sleep on your left side. Though, you can lay on your right side for some time because sleeping in this position causes no harm to your baby. But you should avoid lying flat on your back throughout the night as it affects your baby inside the womb.

Do sleeping on the stomach safe during pregnancy?

You may sleep on your stomach for a short time in early pregnancy, but as your pregnancy progresses, you should avoid this position. When you are in-between weeks 16 and 18 of pregnancy, your belly may start growing. After then, you could find it difficult to lie on your stomach, not only for inconvenience but also for safety reasons. The impact of sleeping on your stomach is the same as that of sleeping on your back.

Experts recommend avoiding sleeping on their stomach during pregnancy because if you sleep on your stomach, your stomach presses on your uterus which may hurt your baby in the womb. 

When you sleep on your back for a longer time, the weight of your uterus pressures your back, and the main vein called the vena cava carries blood to the heart from your lower body. This pressure may provoke back pains, hemorrhoids, indigestion, blood circulation, and even low blood pressure.

Side Position Sleeping During Pregnancy

You may sleep on either left or right side when you enter the second trimester. Still, the left side is preferable as it allows for adequate blood flow and the nutrition required for the placenta and enhances the functions of the kidneys to eliminate wastes and causes swelling in your feet and ankles.

Positioning Tips

Have you not been used to lying on your side?

Here are a few tips to manage the sleeping position problems to help you be more restful and for your baby's safety:

Use soft pillows to comfort your baby bump and back. Put a pillow between your legs with another behind your back and lie down placing one leg over the other. Keeping a pillow under your body helps you to sleep on your side without rolling to your stomach or back. This pillow positioning also makes you breathe easily.

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You may also try sleeping in a semi-upright position or keep the bed a few inches upwards. It reduces acid reflux and heartburn. 

Remember that it is normal to feel inconvenienced while sleeping, and you may not have proper sleep every day. Your body may start to adjust as per your convenience, hence you need to sleep as much as you can.


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