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Know About Contraception Methods

Sep 29, 2022

Sterilization is a permanent form of birth control and it is difficult and more expensive to reverse if you want to get pregnant again. Both men and women can be sterilized. For women, tubal ligation is performed whereas, for men, a vasectomy is performed.

Birth Control Method Parameters

As explained earlier, there are many different types of birth control methods available. However, your doctor may recommend you the best option considering some of the factors listed below:

  • Easy to use with convenience
  • Prevent pregnancy effectively
  • Protection against sexually transmitted diseases
  • Your age
  • Overall health conditions
  • Pregnancy plans
  • Side effects or risks
  • Sex involvement frequency

Work of Birth Control

Birth control not only prevents pregnancy but also supports various functions. Some of these include:

  • Prevents sperm to reach the egg
  • Stops the ovary from releasing an egg
  • Damages sperm losing its mobility
  • Thickens the cervical mucus
  • Changes the uterine lining muscles tenderness to prevent the egg implantation

Different Types of Birth Control

Experts say that your doctor may decide on different types of birth control methods depending on various factors.

  • Female tubal ligation or male vasectomy birth control surgery prevents getting pregnant permanently.

  • Long-acting reversible contraceptives or "LARC" methods include copper intrauterine devices or hormonal implantations. Your doctor may insert this type of birth control method once which lasts for 3 to 10 years. It releases a small amount of progestin each day to keep you from getting pregnant.

  • Short-acting hormonal methods include pills, patches, and vaginal rings. These types are to be taken every day or month and are prescribed by a doctor. It releases hormones progestin and estrogen into the bloodstream. You can use these types of methods once every three weeks.

  • Barrier methods like male and female condoms, diaphragms, sponges, and cervical caps. These types are to be used each time when you have sex. Each of these methods is placed inside the vagina to cover the cervix which avoids sperm entry. 

  • Natural rhythm methods are not a type of birth control instead, it insists on avoiding sex or using birth control only on the days when you are most fertile to get pregnant.

  • Lactational Amenorrhea Method or LAM is a temporary birth control method that can be used as birth control for a breastfeeding mother when three conditions are met:

1) amenorrhea is a condition when having your menstrual periods after delivering your baby either by vaginal or cesarean birth

2) exclusive breastfeeding

3) less than 6 months after delivering a baby


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