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Is it Safe to have an Intercourse During the First Trimester?

Sep 23, 2022

During the first trimester, the interest in sex may become less for many women because of the difficulties arising at this time. Some may be out of mind due to morning sickness, fatigue, or nauseous, so sex becomes worst.

However, it may spike again as usual in next coming weeks.

Sex During the First Trimester of Pregnancy

Since the first trimester is the most important start span of pregnancy. Your fetus is well-protected by the amniotic fluid sac, the mucus plug, and also strongly by the muscles of the uterus. Having sexual intercourse doesn’t harm your fetus until you undergo any complications. Generally, pregnancy may change your comfort level and sexual desire.

Sexual intercourse during pregnancy would not lead to a miscarriage. Mostly, miscarriages may happen if the fetus isn’t growing normally. A pregnant woman may stop having sex with a doctor’s advice. 

Having sex at a convenient position is safe from the first trimester till the end unless your doctor advises you specifically.

Where Does Sperm Go After Sex?

If sperm enters during pregnancy, it is impossible to harm your growing fetus. Many may get confused about what happens to the ejaculated sperm during sex. Mostly, men are worried that they might injure their unborn child when penetrating their partner. After vaginal sex, the semen and sperm discharge through the vaginal opening.

Being intimate during pregnancy is not only considered to be safe but is also encouraged. Some couples may think to have sex from the second trimester. The placenta, amniotic sac, and mucus plug covering the cervix protect your fetus from harm. Hence penetration during sex and the sperm release not hurt your baby.

When to Avoid Intercourse?

Couples should avoid getting into sex in certain conditions minding the health of a pregnant woman and their fetus. Avoid sexual intercourse when-

  • Going through any cervical problem
  • After knowing pregnancy with twin babies
  • History of any premature labor
  • Vaginal bleeding
  • Amniotic fluid leak

Hence, in conclusion, having sex is safe during all the trimesters of pregnancy. However it is recommended to avoid sex, if the pregnant woman experiences any unusual difficulties, immediately contact the doctor.


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How the Twin Babies are Formed?

If a pregnant woman carries more than one baby in the same pregnancy, it is said to be multiple pregnancies.

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