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How to Increase the Chances of Normal Delivery?

Sep 28, 2022

Congratulations! You are in the third trimester of your pregnancy and too near your expected due date.

Mostly, pregnant women expect the birth of their baby through a normal vaginal delivery as it has many advantages over a C-section. During pregnancy, you should be calm and stress-free for effortless labor and normal delivery. The reason is to experience the motherhood transition truly and also the recovery time is faster when you deliver through a vaginal delivery since your body is well-prepared automatically for this natural childbirth process. 

Tips to Increase the Possibility of Normal Delivery

These are some of the tips to help you to increase the chances of vaginal delivery:

1. Sleep Adequately and Regularly

The most effective tip to make labor easier is to have more sleep regularly. As sleep relaxes your mind from stress and makes your body calm, it is essential for normal well-being. When you are pregnant, your body undergoes several changes, and you may require more energy to have a healthy pregnancy. Hence ensure to have a good sleep in a regular pattern that may ease your labor experience. You should be aware of the safe sleeping positions that can be promoted with soft pregnant pillows including c-shaped, u-shaped pillows, and recliner beds for the comfort of the mother and the child.

2. Practice Daily

Exercise during pregnancy benefits you in the preparation for vaginal delivery. Squats are the best exercise for every pregnant woman that helps for easy labor. Get advice from your doctor and try doing squats with a medicine ball. Keep the ball between your lower back and the wall, placing your knees as wide apart as possible. You can do 15 squats daily in this position for effortless delivery.

Along with squats, walking is also a good exercise that makes your pelvic bone more flexible to help you during the process of childbirth. Experts say, walking help in releasing oxytocin, which may help with uterus contractions.

Since labor is an extremely painful experience for any pregnant woman, breathing exercise supports you to tolerate the pain and make you feel relaxed. 

3. Look for a natural delivery specialized doctor

If you are able to find the right doctor who specializes in vaginal delivery, it is a good choice to support you. These doctors may guide you throughout your pregnancy with required checkups, and medications, and advise you on the methods to follow to have a healthier, safer, and easier pregnancy.

4. Be Prepared for the Pain

Labor Pain is caused due to the contractions of the muscles of the uterus and by pressure on the cervix. This pain can be felt as strong cramping in the abdomen, groin, and back, as well as an achy feeling. Some women experience pain in their sides or thighs as well.

The pain gradually increases and then intensifies. Some hospitals may offer painkiller injections under the required conditions. The purpose is to stay relaxed through the pain. There are exercises that you can try with your partner as well.

5. Control Your Weight

Gaining weight during pregnancy is normal. However, you need to control your weight gain as you need to support the necessities of your body and your baby.

Overweight pregnant women may influence the risk of labor complications. Experts say, that women with normal body weight usually have the chance of natural birth easily. Her body may adapt to flexibility in such a way that the delivery becomes smoother and safer. Hence it is advisable to watch and control your weight throughout your pregnancy.

6. Regular Health Check-Ups

You will be asked for frequent health visits to your doctor for checkups, especially in the last trimester. This is an approach to identifying any issues that may be found and rectified at an earlier stage. You may also be able to get the right advice on your last trimester diet, about the exercises and safety care that you can apply during this stage.

7. Practice Perineal Massages

You may keep practicing perineal massages after the 7th or 8th month of pregnancy. Particularly, the woman who is pregnant for the first time, may practice massaging the perineum, the area between the vagina and the anus can help relax the muscles for childbirth and it is a great way to prepare for a natural birth.


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