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How to Increase Egg Quality for Pregnancy?

Sep 23, 2022

Significance of Egg Quality 

When a baby girl is born, her ovaries may produce millions of eggs in an immature form. Later, when she grows up, many eggs may fade away, but only some lakhs of eggs get matured and are released monthly after menstruation.

If the high-quality egg is released naturally in a regular periodic cycle and when the sperm gets united, it may lead to a healthy pregnancy.

In other cases, if the low-quality egg is released, it may be unable to fertilize and may lead to monthly vaginal bleeding. As the woman grows, there will be a decrease in the number of quality eggs, which may reduce the chances of getting pregnant after 35 years of age.

Determine the Quality of the Egg

The ovaries of every woman have several follicles. Each follicle has an egg inside it, where the cells help mature the egg and produce hormones like the Anti-mullerian hormone (AMH) that supports the sex organs development of the baby inside the womb.

The level of AMH may be less in female babies but high in male babies. This is to prevent the development of female reproductive organs. Since this hormone estimates the number of follicles, the more follicles,  the more eggs are released, so the chances of pregnancy are high.

Determining the women's egg count is possible from blood testing and ultrasound scans. The egg quality depends on the woman's age and reproductive potential, which are the main aspects determining the egg quality. Over age, as the AMH decreases, the egg quality decreases resulting in irregular ovulation.

Best Ways to Improve Egg Quality Naturally

To increase your fertility level, the quality of your egg should increase. These tips show you how to improve egg quality and quantity that support a healthy pregnancy. Some women try to improve egg health naturally by reducing stress, exercising, having good sleep patterns, and eating a proper nutrition diet. However, some women try supplement intake to improve their fertility.

1. Eat more healthy foods: 

Foods containing folate and zinc since these antioxidants improve egg quality. The colorful fruits and vegetables are rich sources of antioxidants like vitamin c, lutein, and beta carotene. Avoid junk and processed foods that may toxify your body. Eating more fiber-high foods may control the secretion level of estrogen hormones and balance sugar levels. Consider a protein source diet like an intake of beans, nuts, lentils, and fish low in mercury supports good fertility. Eat less refined carbs food such as bread, flour, white rice, soda, pasta, sweets, and sugars as these may cause a spike in blood sugar and thus increases the insulin level.

2. Keep proper weight: 

Being overweight or underweight impacts the fertility level. If you eat high-fat foods more, your body weight may increase, which may cause the risk of infertility. In other cases, you may experience a hormonal imbalance that decreases the egg quality, resulting in irregular ovulation and may lead to reducing the possibility of pregnancy. Hence, you may try to maintain proper body weight with a BMI in the range of 18 - 25 to improve ovulation quality.

3. Get away from your stress: 

Stressing your mind often may decrease the production of eggs and affects fertility. If you are stressed, your body produces the stress hormone cortisol, which lowers the egg quality and makes it hard to get pregnant. So it is good to practice stress relief exercises, meditation, and yoga to keep you strong and healthy.

When you are active, your blood circulation improves which helps more blood flow to your ovaries, keeping the egg cells healthy.


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