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Everything You Need to Know About Follicular Study

Oct 28, 2022

Follicular Study

A follicular study involves a series of ultrasound scans done transvaginally, which means through the vagina to determine when the mature egg gets released and the endometrium lining thickens. 



How is a Follicular Study done?

The doctor performs an ultrasound scan by inserting a probe through your vagina to monitor your ovaries for developing follicles and track the growth and egg release span, which is called ovulation.

During this process, your doctor asks you to lie on your back with your legs raised and bent as if in the natural birthing position, then they will insert a probe into the vagina to monitor your ovaries and follicles. This process does not make pain but it may feel slightly inconvenient while inserting the probe inside you.

After the process gets over, your doctor may inform you about the study result and the status. From the study, they may advise you on the right time for sexual intercourse as an initial procedure.

Why is Follicular Study Necessary?

Follicular monitoring is necessary to:

  • study the development of follicles
  • determine the thickness of the endometrium lining
  • observe the ovulation span
  • understand the dosage of fertility drugs
  • identify any other ovulation problems

A follicular study is recommended for women with polycystic ovarian syndrome/ disease PCOS, irregular menstrual cycles, those above 35 years, and who’ve been trying to conceive more than for six months.

There are no major side effects of a follicular study, however worrying about the follicle monitoring process, egg maturity, and timing of intercourse may cause stress between some couples. 

Evaluation of the Follicular Study

The size of the follicles, the thickness of the endometrium, and the inner wall of the uterus are measured by the doctor during the follicular testing. Also, the volume of blood flow to the follicles and the endometrium layer. 

Other problems related to follicles may also be detected including-

  • Identification of follicles that are ungrown
  • Uterine lining thickness during the egg
  • Follicles that are unbroken at the right time. 

The follicular scan may take around 10 - 20 minutes, but the preparations should start a few hours before. Usually, one cycle has four to six scans for accurate prediction of ovulation.

The initial scan is called the baseline scan in which the doctor may understand about your ovaries and conditions of follicles. After this, they may schedule for the following scans to detect the study of your follicles.

This study may give you a guidance to have a healthy parenthood journey.


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