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Constipation During Pregnancy

Oct 28, 2022

What is Constipation?

Bowel function differs from person to person as some people may find it difficult to pass stools regularly. Constipation means your bowel motions may reduce to 3 times or even low per week. Constipation makes you push while passing stools which could be painful. 

Constipation is common to all, but many women experience constipation during pregnancy. The condition may vary, but it is to be treated as much as possible in order to avoid its complications and effects.

Causes of Constipation

When you are pregnant, you should take a good quantity of fiber in your diet. Otherwise, it may impact on forming constipation. 

There are many other reasons for causing constipation during pregnancy. The rise in the pregnancy hormone progesterone may cause your intestinal muscles to work less efficiently so that food moves more slowly through your system. This process may take more time to absorb the food you eat, and this condition is called low gastric motility. So, the waste dries and becomes hard to pass the stool. This condition may start around the second or third month of pregnancy and the difficulties may rise as your uterus grows.

The baby inside your uterus makes heavier as the development progresses. This weight may cause pressure on your bowel, making the waste harder to move out of your body.

Sometimes pregnancy medicines and supplements may cause constipation. Drinking a lot of water may help cause constipation while taking iron supplements. If still the condition exists, consult your doctor for switching to some other type of iron tablet.

How can I treat constipation during pregnancy?

Here is the list of things that helps to treat constipation during pregnancy:

  • Eat a high-fiber content food- 

Make sure to consume dietary fiber from fruits, vegetables, cereals, whole grains, and bran.

  • Drink fluids frequently-

Drink plenty of fluids frequently to pass softer stools. A lot of liquid and high-fiber content food supports you eliminate your waste easily.

  • Exercise regularly-

Regular walking and other moderate exercises may help your intestines work efficiently by triggering your bowels.

  • Reduce or alternate iron supplements-

Taking smaller doses of iron or switching to alternate iron supplements may reduce constipation. Ask your doctor to check your iron levels and advise on supplements that suites for your health condition during pregnancy. 

Avoid taking any laxative pills as they cause harm during pregnancy. The reason is they may stimulate uterine contractions and cause dehydration. 

Also, you should not use mineral oils as it causes nutrient absorption low.

Tips to prevent constipation

Eating healthy foods including fiber-rich foods, drinking a lot of fluids, and exercising regularly supports your digestive system to work normally which helps prevent constipation naturally during pregnancy.


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